Tuesday, 17 May 2011

I've decided to do the odd colour crush, my favourite colours used in Interiors at the moment!

My current colour crush is....

I've found some gorgeous photos online using this colour. 

This bedroom is lovely, the teal is really set off with the jewel tones in the bed linen and yummy silver wall mounted stag head. Block bright colours are not only fashionable on the catwalk but are used in the trendiest boutique hotels. This is the perfect way to use teal as a main wall colour.

(Found on Flikr)

If bold colours aren't your thing this more subtle shade may be more your thing.
The rug goes really well on that beautiful wood flooring and matches the walls perfectly. The black on the fireplace and the leather chairs really makes this colour pop.

This is a great example of using bright colours in other ways than on walls. This painted flooring makes the room look much brighter without overcrowding the room with colour. The walls are kept white to accent the colours perfectly. Looking through the house (the picture on the left) you can see that this colour is used again as an accent wall behind the bed in the bedroom. Using similar bold colours throughout a house can give it a lively feel connecting rooms together, giving the house a more unified look.

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